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PostSubject: Hades Profile   Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:32 pm

"Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead, hey and how ya doin'?"

Name: Hades

Titles: Lord of the Dead, Ruler of the Underworld

Race: Olympian God

Gender: Male

Age: Immortal

Hades is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon (their younger brother in this continuity rather than older as he was in classical mythology). Unlike the mythological Hades, who is for the most part a relatively passive deity doing a sometimes nasty job, this version is a fast-talking, ornery, evil deity, reminiscent of Satan, as well as sleazy dealers, notably persuasive Hollywood agent types and car dealers.

Cronus, the king of the titans, feared that his children would one day overthrow him and consumed his children after their birth to prevent this from transpiring. However, his wife, Rhea, could not bear to lose her son Zeus and hid him away. Zeus returned and freed his siblings from the depths of Cronus's belly, including Hades. The six siblings (Hades, Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia) joined forces and overthrew the titans, banishing them to the deepest pit of Tartarus. Zeus then assigned lots to the gods, giving Hades the keys to the Underworld and the position as Lord of the Dead, something he greatly resents, feeling that ruling Olympus should have been his role.

In Hercules, Hades seeks to overthrow Zeus and rule Mount Olympus, Greece, the Earth and the rest of creation for himself. Upon visiting the Fates, he learns that he could succeed by releasing the Titans in eighteen years, but if Zeus's son, Hercules, is to fight Hades, he will fail. Hades sends his demons, Pain and Panic, to kidnap baby Hercules and give him a potion that would render him mortal, and kill him. Hercules needs to drink every last drop for it to work, but the last drop is lost. Thus Hercules, while mortal, retains his god-like strength and spends his life on Earth. Pain and Panic, however, tell Hades that Hercules is dead, hoping that he will not find out.

During this time chronologically, Hades appeared in the Hercules animated series, and had many appearances trying to take over Olympus, such as tricking the other gods into swimming in the waters of Lethe to forget their pasts, arranging for the sun to be stolen, or sending Cerberus after a temporarily mortal Zeus. One episode even had a crossover where Jafar makes a deal with Hades, in order to make Hercules and Aladdin fight each other. While Hades and Jafar had numerous things in common, Jafar's evil laugh consistently got on the more smooth-talking Hades' nerves – at least until he tried it for himself, calling it "cleansing."

Later, a young woman named Megara sells her soul to Hades so that he will return her lover's soul. He does, but Meg's lover ungratefully dumps her for another girl shortly afterwards. Meg remains trapped as a slave to Hades, and he uses her beauty, charm and intelligence as an advantage to persuade monsters to join his army. After discovering that Hercules is still alive, Hades sends numerous grotesque beasts to finish Hercules off, only for Hercules to slay every one with ease. When he finds out that Hercules has strongly fallen romantically in love with Megara, he uses this to his advantage and makes a deal with Hercules: Herc must give up his God-like superhuman strength for the next twenty-four hours (secretly the same twenty-four hours he will use to take over Olympus) in exchange for Meg's freedom. Herc agrees, as long as Meg will be safe from any harm. Hades then reveals that Megara was working for him the whole time, crushing Hercules' will to fight. Hades then releases the Titans, who defeat and imprison the gods, and sends the Cyclops to kill the weakened and discouraged Hercules to keep him from getting in the way, but Hercules defeats the monster using his wits.

However, Megara is grievously injured saving Hercules from a falling pillar, negating Hades's deal that Meg would not be hurt. Hercules is thus given his Godly powers back and returns to Mount Olympus where he easily takes down the Titans and frees the gods. Hades loses his temper, but he taunts Hercules that he at least has a parting gift; while Hercules was fighting the Titans, Megara died from her injuries. Hercules travels to the Underworld to rescue her soul and offers himself to Hades in exchange for Megara's freedom. He swims into the River Styx to retrieve her soul. It almost kills him, when his full cosmic Godhood is restored by his being willing to risk his own life to save the woman he loves. Hercules emerges from the pit, alive and immortal with Megara's soul in his arms, much to Hades' anger. Knowing that he can't stop Hercules in his path, Hades begs the hero to try and ease things with him and the other gods, but Hercules angrily punches Hades into the River Styx, where he is swarmed by vengeful souls and dragged to the depths where he is trapped.

However, he later escaped. In Kingdom Hearts, when Maleficent began her conquest of the worlds, Hades became one of her allies. He utilized the Heartless by supplying them as monsters to the Olympus Coliseum, for heroes to battle as usual. However, he also gained the assistance of Cloud by promising to lead him to Sephiroth if he will kill Hercules.  When Sora arrives at Olympus Coliseum and is rebuffed by Phil, Hades provides him with a pass to enter the games, but when Sora starts winning the tournament, Hades instructs Cloud to kill Sora as well. When Cloud fails to kill Sora, Hades has Cerberus attack Cloud, but Hercules rescues Cloud while Sora defeats Cerberus. As Sora leaves the Coliseum, Maleficent warns Hades not to be overcome by the darkness, but Hades waves Maleficent away, claiming he can handle it. He later resurrected the Rock and Ice Titans to fight against Sora in the tournament but they, along with him, were defeated.

One year later, Hades resurrects Auron in the Underworld and offers him his life back if he kills Hercules. When Auron refuses this offer, Hades becomes enraged, and almost strikes Auron down until Sora and company arrives, needing to speak to him. However, Sora and the others quickly retreat, as Hades is invincible within his domain and they are weakened by the Underworld's curse. Pete suggests waiting for the Heartless to take care of Sora and company, but Hades dispatches Cerberus to take care of them instead. However, Sora and Auron defeat Cerberus and escapes when Sora unlocks a door with the Keyblade. Learning that the Keyblade can open any lock, Hades decides to steal it and reopen the Underdrome, a coliseum locked up by Zeus long ago. After Pete informs him that only Sora can wield Keyblade, Hades kidnaps Meg and traps her in the Underdrome, knowing that Sora must use the Keyblade to rescue her and unseal the Underdrome in the process. Additionally, Hades sent a Hydra after Hercules to prevent him from interfering and had Pete on standby to ambush Sora once he enters the Underdome. However, Sora is able to save Meg with Hercules's help. At the exit of the Underworld, Hades confronts them and reminds Hercules about the Hydra which he had neglected to finish off completely. They enter the Coliseum to see it in ruins with the Hydra towering over it. The Hydra is defeated, but Hercules lost his strength and will, because of the guilt that he had since he had not completely destroyed the Hydra.

To celebrate the Underdrome re-opening, Hades decides to hold the Hades Cup, in the hopes of killing the weakened Hercules once again. Trapping Auron's soul in a statue, he orders him to take care of Hercules and Sora. Inevitably, the scheme fails, as Sora finds Auron's statue and gave him back his soul. A furious Hades dumps Meg into the River Styx with Hercules diving after her. Confident they'll be dead within moments, Hades overpowers Sora and his allies until Hercules emerges, his full power restored by willing to risk his life to save Meg. Hades is defeated and, while attempting to avoid a hit from Sora, loses his footing and falls down into the River Styx. Despite this, Hades manages to escape, though he doesn't appear to cause Hercules and company much trouble after that. Later on, Hades opens his Paradox tournaments. After Sora wins the Hades Paradox Cup, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Hercules, and Auron celebrate with the trophy while Hades looks at them furiously, only to be kicked by Pegasus, which sends him flying across the Underdome.

*Pyrokinesis (Extensive and varied uses far beyond most others)
*Teleportation (of himself and other objects and people)
*Size Alteration
*Smoke Mimicry
*Elemental Intangibility (smoke)
*Telekinesis (can be used for levitation)
*Fire/Heat immunity
*Transfiguration of physical objects and people (done predominantly through deals)
*Invulnerability in the Underworld (unless his opponent possesses an Olympus Stone)
*Fire omnipresence

Interactions with the Final Words:

Speed - 1
Strength - 2
Durability - 3
Energy Projection - 10
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Hades Profile
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