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Lex Luthor


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PostSubject: Lex Luthor   Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:44 am

Name: Lex Luthor
Age: 35<
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Lex Luthor was a powerful businessman and criminal mastermind. He was widely considered to be one of Earth's most brilliant minds and one of Superman's greatest enemies.

Little is known about Lex Luthor's origins, but he was an admirably self-made man. With the aid of his natural genius and his general lack of conscience, Luthor assembled a vast fortune and founded LexCorp. Through a combination of Luthor's ruthless business tactics and genuine ingenuity, LexCorp quickly became one of the largest corporations in the United States. Now clearly the most powerful man in Metropolis, Luthor's ego and pride drove him to try and position himself as the face of the city, donating millions to charity and erecting libraries, schools, and hospitals in his name.

However, at heart, Luthor was devious, shrewd, and cold. Metropolis was to be an empire, with Luthor as absolute ruler. LexCorp forced virtual monopolies on public works, technology, transportation, and even became a major defense contractor—all with the underlying goal of collecting more and more power and wealth for the greedy Luthor.

It was this lust for power that eventually made him the sworn enemy of Superman. From the start, the very idea of an alien who appeared to be human possessing incredible power disturbed Luthor. However, that reasonable suspicion soon erupted into personal jealousy and malicious intent. The fact that Luthor could not bribe or hire the newcomer, or alter the public's perception of Superman's actions, angered him even more. Luthor would soon scheme against Superman on a regular basis; attempting at various times to ruin Superman's reputation or destroy him outright.
His drive to eliminate Superman became so strong, that he even became willing to hire psychopathic criminals such as the Joker to kill him. However, the attempts often painted Luthor in an unflattering light, but he managed to cover his trail often enough to avoid prosecution.

Over time, exposure to Kryptonite, Superman's Achille's Heel, gives Luthor a rare form of cancer. Too proud to accept help or treatment, Lex was promptly sent to prison for his crimes. Luthor was later pardoned for helping the Justice League defeat the Fascist Justice Lords and claimed in a press conference that he'd sworn off violence against Superman and the Justice League in order to concentrate on more noble aspirations. To this end, Luthor was now looking into politics — more specifically he sought the U.S. Presidency.

It was around this time that Luthor's body underwent some strange changes. He was inexplicably cured of the Kryptonite-induced cancer; his body became as fit as that of a much younger man; and he displayed considerable super-strength in physical confrontations with Batman and the Question.

As the feud between the Justice League and Project Cadmus reached it height, Luthor hacked into the League's Watchtower's systems and used their binary fusion weapon to destroy Cadmus HQ, leading to an all-out battle between the League and Cadmus' army of Ultimen clones. It was also around this time that the source of Luthor's improved physicality was revealed; the presence of the supervillain Brainiac nesting within his body. When his plan (which his presidential run only acted as a cover for) came full circle, the climactic confrontation resulted in Brainiac's destruction and Lex's subsequent return to prison.

The next time Lex would escape prison, it would be with remnants of Brainiac in his mind (whether these were delusions or not is up for debate). Lex joined the new Legion of Doom formed by Gorilla Grodd under the promise of help in reviving Brainiac. However, Lex eventually tired of Grodd's leadership and betrayed him, taking over as leader of the Legion.

Luthor's obsession for reviving Brainiac made him distant from the rest of the Legion. He soon learned of the remnants of Brainiac's old base in outer space and modified the Legion's base into a faster-than-light spacecraft. However, Tala had released Grodd, who lead a schism in the Legion. The insurrection was put down and Luthor jettisoned Grodd into space. He then placed Tala in a machine specifically meant to use her to reconstruct Brainiac. However, Luthor's attempt failed as Tala, in a last act of revenge on him, used the last of her magic strength to interfere with the process and caused it to instead revive Darkseid, fused with Brainiac technology. Reluctantly teaming with arch-rivals Superman and Batman to stop Darkseid, Luthor was recruited by Metron of New Genesis, who directed Luthor towards the resting place of Darkseid's most valued prize: the Anti-Life Equation. Using the power of the cosmic Anti-Life Equation, Luthor stopped Darkseid from killing Superman, and in effect saved the Earth. In doing so, he and Darkseid vanished completely in an explosion of light and energy.

Powers and abilities
-Genius-level intellect
-Superb machiavellian
-Brilliant criminal mastermind, tactician and manipulator
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Lex Luthor
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