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PostSubject: Ansem Seeker of Darkness   Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:05 am

So you have come this far and still you understand nothing... every light must fade. EVERY HEART RETURN TO DARKNESS!"

Name: Ansem

Titles: Seeker of Darkness

Race: Heartless

Gender: Male

Age: Stopped aging when heart was extracted.

Long before the story of Sora began, Xehanort was a lowly apprentice to the one known as Ansem the Wise. As his apprentice, Xehanort was curious towards the secrets of the heart and urged his master to allow him to do experiments on it. Whilst his master did allow him to study it along with his other apprentices, Xehanort went to extreme needs to uncover the mysteries and find out what the power of darkness held for him. During this time he chronicled all his findings as the Ansem Reports, implying his idea to steal his master's name and titles.

When Ansem found out, he tried to stop the experiments but he was already too late. Xehanort extracted his own heart believing he needed to transcend everything to darkness and with these powers banished Ansem from his own world. After this he also extracted the hearts of his fellow apprentices, striking each of them down. After this he unleashed the heartless on Radient Garden and transformed it thus into Hollow Bastion, after which Maleficent came along to begin her own plans to conquer all worlds as well.

Xehanort, now known as Ansem the Seeker of Darkness, instead traveled the worlds to plunge them as well into darkness, having an agenda similair but different from Maleficent's and was secretly using the evil fairy to his own desires. Eventually he also send the Destiny Islands back to the darkness where he unknowingly set Sora, Riku and Kairi on their adventure.

Riku was discovered by Maleficent who quickly started to manipulate the boy and thus started to attract Ansem to him as well. As his powers over the darkness grew and his jealousy towards Sora increased, Ansem made his move to allow Riku to grow even stronger by possesing his body. After Sora defeated Maleficent and Riku twice, Ansem took over complete control, able to form Riku's body back into his own and made for The End Of The World.

There, he revealed his ideas and mindset to Sora that if all begins in darkness, everything also ends in it and thus every existence is truly meaningless. Whilst Sora defied him, Ansem attempted to strike him down many times, but proved ultimately unsuccesful. Instead he attempted to open Kingdom Hearts and unleash a flood of Heartless upon the worlds. However his research betrayed him when Kingdom Hearts turned out to be light and he was defeated for the time being.

However, Ansem continued to live through Riku as his heart had been contaminated by his presence. In Castle Oblivion, Ansem made several attempts to tempt Riku back to the darkness to allow him control over his body again, being constantly harrowed by Mickey and Riku's obstinate character. In the end, Riku faced off against Ansem and despite the latter still surviving through Riku until Kingdom Hearts 2, he could never get control over his body again.

However as was revealed, Ansem was in fact a part of the original Master Xehanort's schemes to create seven hearts of light and thirteen hearts of darkness. In Dream Drop Distance he was plucked out of his own time again by a Young Xehanort and once more confronted and attempted to manipulate Riku with the promise he needed the darkness to save Sora. However, Riku once more defied the Heartless and fought him again. After failing to take control over Riku's body yet again, Master Xehanort instead focussed to use Sora instead for his schemes. The attempt failed as Riku, Mickey, Donald and Goofy rushed in to save their friend. After this Ansem faded away along with the new Organization, probably appearing again when the fated fight would happen.

*Control over darkness in all forms and shapes
*Exceptionally sword skills
*Creating keyblades out of hearts
*Size alteration of Guardian
*Transformation (World of Chaos)
*Control over Heartless
*Control over Nightmares
*Telekinisis (able to make himself float)
*Posesssion of hearts
*Elemental control (though elements have been corrupted by darkness)
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Ansem Seeker of Darkness
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