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 Basic Rules

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Dark Schneider

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:29 pm

Basic Rules

Welcome to the Final Words, the place where villains rule, and heroes drool!
To make your stay enjoyable, there are some rules that you must abide by in order to avoid potential conflicts which could otherwise arise.
If you do not follow these rules, then penalties may be imposed.

1. Only one character per account, please. To create another character, make a new account. More rules on this can be found below.
Penalty: Reminder

2. All accounts must be named after their character, this is to help keep track of characters. If your character dies, you can rename the account to that of the replacement character. (We will not accept usernames such as "ghfjksj123456")

3. Staff has every right to enforce the rules listed on this site, should any abuse or loopholes try to be exploited, the staff has every right to void the post and or topic.
This also extends to all systems and rules throughout the Final words.

4. Bumping threads is allowed, but you must wait a minimum of 24-hours before doing so, and it must have a reason.
Penalty:Excessive/Illegal bumping may result in the thread being deleted

5. Please try to post more than one line’s worth of roleplay to give the other posters something to reply to. 50+ words would be ideal.
Penalty: Reminder

6. Don’t swear excessively, unless it is in-character, in a post. Don’t try to use the excuse of ‘but they will have heard it already!’ when referring to potential youngsters who may be present either – they may not.
Penalty: 10 minute ban per offense

7. Godmodding is not permitted. This is where you control another person’s character, or even try to hit them through 'autohitting'. Not only is it rude, but it prevents the character’s original controller from acting out potential actions.
Penalty: Void post

8. Don’t post adult content. This is against our host provider’s terms of service, is rude, and in some cases, illegal.
Penalty: Permanent ban

9. Your character must be approved before you can create a roleplay post with them. To create a character, look for the character creation area, read the rules and fill out the form shown.
Penalty: Reminder

10. Advertising is only permitted in the advertising forum. You are not permitted to advertise in your signature, chatbox or posts elsewhere.
Penalty for mass PM advertising: permanent
Penalty for normal PM advertising: 7 days
Penalty for post advertising: 1 day, post ad removed
Penalty for signature advertising: 1 day, signature ad removed

11. Please don’t misuse the mass PM feature by sending pointless messages, spam and suchlike.
Penalty: 7-day ban

12. Be polite to those around you. Do not harass or degrade any other member.
Penalty: 1 hour ban per offense

13. Put out-of-character comments in brackets, to distinguish between in-character actions in your post.
Penalty: Reminder

14. If you wish for your character to leave an area, they must leave all topics from their current location beforehand. This is to prevent loopholes in ones story, should one die, or become injured in a current through that would of normally led to them going to another that is being role played, the thread would be void by default.
Penalty: New location post void

15. You can be in, at maximum, 3 threads at once so long as they are basic threads, you may only be in one major thread at a time. The rules for #14 must be follows to have this come into play.
Pentalty: Potentially voided threads

16. Metagaming (using outside knowledge in the game world to gain an advantage) is not permitted.
Penalty: Post void

17. Be realistic in your actions. Your character can’t dodge a 10-metre fireball by simply jumping over it, for instance.
Penalty: Post void

18. All actions your character performs must have a reason behind them. For instance, you can’t send your character to destroy a town just because ‘they felt like it’.
Penalty: Post void

19. After 48 Hours in a topic, if someone has not replied to the topic you are allowed to skip the person and continue. In terms of fighting one on one, this means that you can claim a hit after 48 hours; If fighting with multiple people the next person in line to post gets to post; In terms of Village Takeover, you automatically win if no one defends the village within 48 Hours. Upon request, a staff member can post on a topic if multiple players are involved, to confirm that 48-hours have passed, thus forcing the next person to post. If you post an away message, you may be exempt from being 48-houred, in your away message you must have a date of return, the 48-hour timer will begin on the date of return at 6am. If you do not have a date of return, then you may still be skipped. All staff members will be allowed 72-hours before they can be skipped, due to having to manage the forum while doing their threads.

Character suicide is not allowed, we ask that you bring it to staff attention if you no longer wish to roleplay your character so we can work out a solution that benefits the narrative, this may include the character retiring, or someone else taking over the character.

Signature limit. We have a limit on text, and as such there is a limit on what you can put in your signature to keep it from stretching the posts, and causing threads to lag. You may only have 1 GIF image, and at most two pictures in your signature that include the Gif image.

Toxicity: If your behavior is found to be toxic, you may suffer a ban based upon your behavior. Such behavior can include, but is not limited to, public shaming of members and staff, and making the site a hostile environment for others. Bans can range from a day, to perma based upon the situation.

Penalty: Warning, app changes will occur.

3 temporary bans result in an additional 7-day ban, and a further ban results in a permanent ban.
Void: The post you make no longer counts in the topic it was made in
In-character: Communication between the characters
Out-of-character: Communication between the players
Metagaming: Using out-of-character knowledge that your character would not otherwise know in-character to gain an unfair advantage
Autohit: Unfairly hitting the other player's character without giving them a chance to respond
Godmod: Controlling another person's character

Staff may select their own punishments based upon the severity of the situation, the aforementioned are only basic punishments that may be enforced.
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Basic Rules
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