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 Dossier: N.B.E-44

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PostSubject: Dossier: N.B.E-44   Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:16 pm

Name: Curbstomp

Species: Cybertronian

Sex: Male

Height: 18ft

Age: Several hundred years, but relatively young by Cybertronian standards


Curbstomp, like all Cybertronians, emerged from the Well of Allsparks on Cybertron at the start of his life. From there, his vehicle mode would determine what role he would play in society for the rest of his life. This Caste System was viewed as unjust and oppressive by many. Where one's entire purpose in life was dictated by a ruling body who claimed to know what was best. At the time, Curbstomp did not give much thought to this idea, and simply accepted this as a fact of life.

His sleek, nimble alternate mode of a Cybertronian race car was the deciding factor in enrolling him as an enforcement unit, tasked with hunting down and arresting those who would try to defy the status quo and step out from their assigned caste. It was here that Curbstomp truly began to question the validity of the Caste System. His feelings on the decay of Cybertronian society where validated when a miner from Kaon known as Megatron put the feelings of those like Curbstomp into words and action.

However Megatron's rhetoric soon turned to violence, and the Decepticons where formed. A countermovement, known as the "Autobots" was also formed in response by the newly recognized Optimus Prime. Curbstomp saw this as a means to escape the Caste System, and so Curbstomp traveled to Kaon to join the Decepticons. The war soon consumed Cybertron, and would do so for eons. During the final days for the War of Cybertron, Curbstomp and a platoon of other Decepticons ambushed the Autobots in an attempt to seize a shipment of Energon they where carrying.

However all did not go as planned, as a stray bullet ruptured one of the Energon cubes. This caused a massive chain reaction that destroyed the city plaza the skirmish took place on. The plaza buckled and fell, and all those present plummeted into Cybertron's lower levels to certain doom. However in his final moments, Curbstomp's Spark was plucked from his body and transported through time and space by a mysterious entity....

Powers and Abilities:

Transformation Cog allows for access to a vehicular disguise. In Curbstomp's case his vehicle mode is a 2016 Pontiac Trans Am.

Neutron Assault Rifle: Resembling a rifle-sized, double barreled gatling gun; the Neutron Assault Rifle fires superheated, hyper-piercing neutrons.

Path Blaster: A vaguely revolver-like sidearm, the Path Blaster fires compressed blasts of magma with lethal accuracy.

Dimensional Decimator grenades: Extremely powerful weapons that cause a singularity to form, sucking up any nearby enemies and spaghettifiying them before collapsing. Limited to one use per battle.

Energon Recharger: A coil-shaped medical device that rapidly replenishes Energon and heals the user simultaneously. Limited too 3 uses per-battle.

Speed: 2
Strength: 4
Durability: 4
Energy Projection: 6

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Dossier: N.B.E-44
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